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2222 Income-Generating NFTs built on SCRT.

The SCRT society of Phantom Pandas


SCRT Network’s first
Income-generating NFTs.

Don’t miss out on the first NFT project
with private on-chain smart contracts
for guaranteed income generation.

Low supply NFTs with
ground-breaking tech:

The SCRT Society of Phantom Pandas has limited
their membership to 2222 of the world’s most
elite, wealthy and powerful individuals.


Art Pieces:

Every Phantom Panda is a 100% unique 1/1
hand-painted renaissance-style portrait.


The (11.11)
Phantom Legacy Fund:

An ongoing 6% royalty will be locked in the
Phantom Treasury until November 11th.
All treasury funds will then be evenly
distributed to all 2222 Phantom Pandas.
This will continue every year forever.
Assuming NFTs are still being traded.


Trust-Fund Baby NFTs:

When the Phantom Panda Mint is Completed,
the Phantom Baby-Maker will be unlocked.
Each Phantom Panda NFT will generate a
Trust-Fund Panda.


The Trust Fund:

A 6% royalty on all future Trust Fund Panda
sales will be deposited into the Trust Fund.
Secret Network’s groundbreaking private, on-chain
randomizer oracle will then randomly choose one
Trust Fund Panda each day to receive the Trust Fund.
This will continue every day. Forever.
Assuming NFTs are still being traded.


How many NFTs in this collection?


How much will they cost at mint?

66 sSCRT (Secret SCRT)

Where can I buy SCRT?

Directly: https://app.secretswap.net/buy

Exchanges: Binance / Huobi / Check on CMC

How do I convert my SCRT to sSCRT?

Here: https://wrap.scrt.network/

When mint?

Get on the list for mint announcement.
follow us on twitter for all the updates.
We anticipate a Mint in March 2022.

Is there a minting limit?

No Limit.

What wallet does SCRT use?

We recommend KEPLR.


When can we Generate our
Trust Fund Pandas?

The baby-maker will launch soon
after all Phantom Pandas are minted.
Follow us on twitter for all announcements.

What is SCRT.network?

SCRT is the world’s first blockchain with
privacy-preserving smart contracts and secret NFTs
enabling mass blockchain adoption by global institutions.

Quentin Tarantino recently chose Secret Network to launch
his pulp fiction NFTs which sold at mint for over $1,100,000.00

SCRT Network’s pioneering technology is what enables Phantom Pandas
and Trust Fund Pandas to build secret smart contracts into the NFT collections
for the annual Legacy Fund, and the daily random trust-fund distributions.


How much can we expect the Legacy Fund to Pay out?

We can’t predict or promise anything
because we simply don’t know
how big the payments will get.

Here’s a possibility using Bored Ape
Yacht Club as a comparison:

At the time of this writing, Bored
Ape Yacht Club is 9 months old.
The average volume of BAYC over
the past 90 days is: $6.5M/day.

The Phantom Panda
Legacy royalty is 6%.

If Phantom Pandas EVER reaches the same
level that BAYC is at in its first 9 months,
The Phantom Legacy Fund would pay around $64,000.00
to EACH Phantom Panda NFT holder every year on November 11th.

Obviously BAYC is a popular project,
but its only 9 months old.

The Phantom Panda Legacy Fund will pay out every single year until the end of time.

Maybe we only hit 10% of BAYCs current volume and our annual
Legacy Fund would pay every Phantom Panda around

Maybe it only hits 1% of BAYCs current volume and our annual
Legacy Fund would pay every Phantom Panda around

maybe the Phantom Pandas DOMINATE the
entire NFT space because we have better art,
built-in income-generation, and we’re built on SCRT.network.

Time will tell.

Just don’t miss the ride.